Self Esteem Book

Seven Steps to Self Esteem: How to Increase Your Confidence and Create the Life of Your Dreams.

Is low self esteem holding you back in your life? Is it stopping you from having the career, relationship or peace of mind that you would love to have? Have you tried other self esteem programs and had little success? Then this book is for you.

Seven Steps to Self Esteem is a life-changing book for women, men and teens. It gives the reader powerful, effective and easy to follow steps to increase self esteem and confidence in all aspects of life.

Our self esteem is constantly under attack – from external events in our daily lives (such as being criticized at work or having an argument with your partner) and internally, from our own negative self talk and negative beliefs. Increasing self esteem and maintaining it requires regular effort on our part. This book shows you how you can turn your life around and start increasing your self esteem NOW, with simple, easy to follow exercises.

Seven Steps to Self Esteem teaches you new and exciting techniques to make low self esteem a distant memory. It is written in easy to understand language. You will develop the confidence to make the most of opportunities in your life and achieve your goals and dreams.