Individual Sessions

Individual consultations (Counselling, Coaching or EFT) are usually the fastest way to achieve results, whether you have a specific issue or problem you want to overcome, or whether you want to set and achieve goals for the future.

Bernadette combines powerful techniques from Counselling, Coaching and Complementary Therapies (such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Healing and Meditation) to give you fast and lasting results. Bernadette empowers the client by teaching them techniques they can use at home as well as in the consultations.

Bernadette’s clients leave feeling confident, optimistic and well on their way to achieving their goals and dreams.

Thanks so much for your help Bernadette. You helped me to get clear on what I wanted from my relationship. I now have more confidence to ask my partner for what I want, and we can discuss our problems calmly without fighting nearly as much. We are so much happier now. Thank you.
Maria, Carlton

I used to be afraid to speak up in meetings at work. I had lots of things I wanted to say, but I didn’t have the confidence to speak up. After just 2 sessions with Bernadette I feel much more confident. In my last 2 meetings I was able to speak up and say what I wanted to say, and I got a really positive response from others. I look forward to going to work now.
D.S. (Welfare Worker)

I came to see Bernadette because I was stressed and exhausted, and I was scared that I was going to burn out. I work full time and have 2 children. She helped me to see that I was trying too hard to please everyone else, and I felt guilty saying no to anyone. She helped me to decide what my priorities were and gave me the confidence to say No to others. I have cut back on a couple of activities so I have more time to relax. Bernadette taught me how to relax when I get stressed at work, so I don’t go home with a headache. Overall, I feel much calmer and happier now.
Alex (Registered Nurse)

Bernadette sees clients for individual consultations in Glen Waverley / Wheelers Hill, Victoria. She also does telephone and Skype sessions, so you can have an individual consultation wherever you live.

Most individual consultations are of 90 minutes duration. This ensures that the client gets the results they desire, in a shorter period of time, with minimal stress or upset. As well as working with clients on a practical level, I also work on a very deep emotional level. This is needed to release hurt and pain from the past at the deepest level, clear limiting beliefs and blocks to success, and instil a positive mindset.  In certain circumstances, 60 minute consultations are possible.  Click here for information on Coaching Packages.