Self Esteem

Creating Extraordinary Professional Women: 7 Steps to Self Esteem

When women have high Self Esteem, they like who they are and take good care of themselves. They feel much happier and more fulfilled. Then, they have so much more to give – to their partner, children, family, friends, and in the workplace.

While many professional women are successful in the workplace, they are often haunted by low self esteem. This can affect their lives in 3 main ways:

  1. Some professional women are not achieving the success they deserve due to low self esteem causing lack of confidence in the workplace. This can lead to their skills being unrecognised, they feel unappreciated, they don’t get the promotions they would love to have, and they may be underpaid.
  2. Some professional women are highly successful in the workplace but don’t enjoy their success, because they feel deep down that they don’t deserve it or they aren’t good enough. This can lead to high stress levels and self-sabotage.
  3. Some professional women are confident and highly successful in the workplace, but feel empty and unfulfilled in the other parts of their lives, such as with relationships, friendships and family matters.

The Creating Extraordinary Professional Women Program helps women overcome these problems in 3 main ways:

  1. The Program teaches women how to increase their Self Esteem overall and to apply it in the workplace. It gives them the confidence and self- belief they need to excel in their workplace and get the recognition they deserve.
  2. When professional women have high Self Esteem, they will naturally believe deep down that they deserve their success and they are good enough. They will then feel free to celebrate and enjoy their success.
  3. As a part of increasing Self Esteem, the program helps professional women to set and achieve goals in ALL areas of their lives. This leads to much higher levels of happiness and fulfilment overall.

Women who complete this course feel much more confident and optimistic, and are well on their way to achieving their goals and dreams.

The Creating Extraordinary Professional Women Program consists of

  • 6 Workshops of 2 1/2 hours duration
  • 3 Individual Sessions
  • Email Support between sessions

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