Stress Management

What would your life be like if you had 50% less stress instantly?

Stress affects our quality of life, our happiness and our health. We can’t avoid all stress, but we can greatly reduce our stress levels with the right tools and techniques.

Bernadette will teach you powerful new tools and techniques to reduce your stress. These techniques are quick and easy to learn and give fast and lasting results. These techniques can be learnt in an individual session – in person or via telephone or skype, or in a workshop. Contact Us for details.

We all want a quick fix for our stress. Many people try to reduce their stress by doing things that temporarily relax them: Alcohol, Cigarettes, Junk Food, Gambling, Medication, Drugs or anything in excess – even shopping or sex. Any of these things in excess can cause major problems in our lives, or may even cause death. Bernadette will teach you new stress management techniques that work fast, are drug free, and will overcome the need for these self-destructive behaviours.

How does stress affect your life?

Headaches, racing heart, can’t relax, sleeping problems, lack of motivation or interest in life, you dread going to work or facing the day, can’t focus on what you are doing, you lose your temper often and hurt those you love, you keep replaying old events in your mind, tense shoulders…………..

You don’t need to feel this way.
Bernadette can help you reduce your stress levels, regardless of the cause:

  •       Low Self Esteem or Lack of Confidence
  •       Feeling “stuck” or Lack of Purpose/Goals
  •       Feeling Stressed or Anxious and You Don’t Know Why
  •       Stress at Work or Inability to “Switch Off” after work
  •       Relationship Problems (or Lack of a Relationship)
  •       Fears, Worry and Phobias
  •       Grief
  •       Depression
  •       Child Abuse
  •       Trauma (PTSD)
  •       Physical Pain or Illness

If you would like fast relief from your stress, Contact Bernadette to make an appointment or to ask any questions you may have. Bernadette will empower you to reduce your stress by teaching you how to use these powerful techniques in any situation.

  • Overcome Food Cravings and Stress using EFT-Tapping   Do you eat junk food or overeat when you’re stressed, upset , tired or bored? Yo-Yo dieting? Dislike your body? Want to lose weight permanently?   Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT—Tapping)  and other techniques to overcome food cravings, emotional eating and stress, so you can lose weight permanently. The whole weight loss industry sets you up to fail, because it only looks at WHAT you eat, and not at WHY you eat. This workshop will empower you to take charge of your eating and your health and wellbeing, so you can create a life you love. If you are interested in attending the Overcome Emotional Eating 6 week Course, it is best to attend this Workshop as well. Tuesday 28th July, 7 pm – 9 pm (arrive 6.45) . Cost $15 Venue: Power Neighbourhood House, 54 Power Ave, Ashwood, Victoria, Australia. Please arrive at 6.45 to make a cuppa and pay (cash only). Bring a small amount of food that you often crave – you will use this in an activity to show you how to overcome food cravings. Bring pen and paper and water bottle. Book Now to Secure Your Seat- small group. Call Bernadette Blake Ph 0419 109 339 Email: Overcome Emotional Eating – 6 Week Course Tuesday evenings 7 pm – 9 pm, starting 4th August Venue: Power Neighbourhood House, 54 Power Ave, Ashwood. Learn a variety of techniques and practical strategies to overcome emotional eating and lose weight permanently, without dieting. You will learn about Meditation, Mindful eating, EFT, Stress Management, Increase Your Self Esteem and Confidence, Set healthy guidelines around food, and practical strategies to avoid overeating. You will meet other women who understand what you are going through, and you can support each other on your journey to health and wellbeing. Investment: $260 Earlybird (Pay in full by Tuesday 28th July). Full Price $295. Bernadette Blake  (B.Sc., G. Dip. Psychology) is  an experienced Counsellor, Health Coach & EFT Practitioner.  You will learn the techniques that Bernadette used to lose 45kg. Book Now -Small Group – Only 12 places available Call Bernadette Ph 0419 109 339