What is the Difference between Counselling and Coaching?

Counselling focuses more on overcoming problems or difficulties in a person’s life, so the person can feel better about themselves and move forward in their life.

Coaching focuses more on setting and achieving goals, and on finding answers rather than analysing problems. Coaching builds on people’s strengths and achievements in helping them to reach new goals, both in their work and their personal lives.

While Counselling and Coaching have a different focus, there is still quite a lot of overlap between the two.

What is Holistic Counselling?

Holistic Counselling is Counselling which incorporates all four aspects of the person- mind/intellect, emotions, physical body and spirit/meaning of life. It focuses on helping people overcome problems in their life and helping them to find inner peace and happiness. It does this in a way that involves all 4 aspects mentioned above.

E.g. A client may be experiencing conflict with another person at work. An Holistic Counselling approach would help the client by focusing on the 4 areas of their life:

Mind: What are your thoughts and beliefs about this situation? Do they make sense? How else could you think about this situation? Discuss and practice assertive communication skills.

Emotions: How do you feel about this situation? Does this event remind you of another event in the past where you felt this way? We will do work on releasing the emotions from both the current and past events.

Body: How can you take care of your body in this situation? E.g. take a walk or a bath to release stress.

Spirit: Can you see the “big picture” about this event? What lessons can you learn from this situation? How does this situation affect your view of the world and your spirituality?