Bernadette Blake: Counsellor, Health Coach and
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT – Tapping) Practitioner

I’m a Counsellor, Health Coach and EFT Practitioner. I combine Psychology with Complementary Therapies to create a unique combination of tools and techniques that are
quick and easy for anyone to learn and give fast and lasting results.

I specialise in empowering women to overcome emotional issues:
      *Emotional Eating and Weight Loss
      *Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Phobias, Grief
      *Low Self Esteem/Confidence
      *Trauma, such as child abuse or neglect & sexual abuse
I also specialise in working with health and welfare workers:
Nurses, Social Workers, Aged Care and Disability Workers and School Teachers,
to teach them how to overcome emotional issues such as Burnout, Work Stress and Trauma, Grief, Bullying and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Women have traditionally been taught to suppress their emotions, and have not been taught how to release upsetting emotions. As a result, you often hold on to hurt, pain, anger and grief from past events, whether the event happened yesterday or 20 years ago. It can take a lot of energy to suppress these emotions.
Over time this can lead to 3 major problems:

  1. Emotional Eating and Weight Gain:
    Food is often used as a way to suppress emotions and distract you from noticing how you really feel.
  2. High Stress Levels, which can lead to
    a) Mental Health issues such as Burnout, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
    b) Physical Issues such as Fatigue, High Blood Pressure, Frequent Colds/Flu, or Chronic Pain. Stress contributes to almost every type of illness.
  3. Low Self Esteem and Confidence:
    When you have to hide your emotions and can’t be true to yourself, you often feel deep down that you are not good enough, so you don’t make the most of your opportunities or really enjoy your life. 

I empower women to overcome these issues in 3 main ways: 

  1. Overcome Emotional Eating Program:
    Teaches you how to release upsetting emotions and change your relationship with food, so you can lose weight permanently. The whole weight loss industry sets you up to fail, because it only looks at WHAT you eat, not WHY you eat. This program will empower you take charge of your eating and regain your health and vitality.
  2. Stress Management /Emotional Issues:
    I work with women individually to teach you how to release emotions in a safe and healthy way, and to overcome emotional issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Burnout, Fears, Worry, Grief and Trauma/Abuse. When these emotions are released, the body is much more able to heal itself to reduce physical symptoms and pain.
  3. The 7 Steps to Self Esteem Program
    It empowers you to increase your self esteem and confidence in all areas of your life, so you can make the most of all of your opportunities and create a life you love.

How would your life change if you were finally offered the right tools that really work to empower you to be your best: to increase your health and vitality, increase your self esteem and confidence, overcome stress, and help you achieve goals that so far you have only dreamed of?


Imagine this Scenario

YOU, at the end of each day, feeling confident, relaxed and fulfilled. You have achieved your important goals for today, and feel content in the direction your life is taking.

You can achieve this reality.

Empower yourself NOW to become a confident, relaxed and fulfilled you – You deserve it.
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